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Dear reader of the book Pleasure, a guide to womens sexuality, healing and selfdiscovery. Welcome ❤️

On this page, I have compiled the various pieces of information to which I refer in the book.

Guided audio files as described in the book

Guided Meditation – Make Peace with Your Body. Currently only in danish.

I recommend recording while reading the text with the guided meditation from the book aloud.

Use this discount code to download the meditation for free: Nydelse82

(Only in danish)

Products mentioned in the book


Pleasure wand made of crystal glass.

Aphrodite helps you heal and relax your yoni and cervix, so you can achieve greater pleasure. It’s also effective for stimulating the G-spot due to the curvature on one side.

Aphrodite is made of solid glass and is completely safe for your body. It has an exclusive appearance that makes it aesthetically pleasing and elegant.

Yoni Egg

Healing yoni egg made of rose quartz.

The yoni egg helps train your vagina and pelvic floor.

Write an email to me to order Aphrodite or yoni eggs.

My recommendations for therapy

Body therapy is beneficial when addressing pent-up emotions, blockages, and traumas in the body related to sexuality and past experiences. Everything influences our sexuality, as it is an integral part of us, on par with other basic needs. 

Breathwork & Trauma Release


EFT, tapping

Psychotherapy is a deep form of therapy that can address profound traumas. The ideal approach is when it is combined with body therapy.

If you have separated abdominal muscles and challenges with pelvic heaviness, physiotherapy specializing in diastasis recti can be recommended.

I would also highly recommend participating in ceremonial cacao ceremonies. It’s a wonderful way to connect with yourself and your feminine energy.

When you want to replace sugar with something delicious

Its in danish, but you can translate it.

Recipe for tasty date balls 

Recipe for the best healthy chocolate cake

Healing music

Link to my playlist on Spotify


Erotic music

Link to my playlist on Spotify

Or search on Erotic Lounge or find the Ep
Blackmail Recordings with Deep Dive inc. from 2001.

You are very welcome to write to me if you have feedback on the book.

I’ve created an Instagram account that celebrates and normalizes asymmetrical breasts.

Feel free to follow if you’d like.

With love and pleasure

Nana K

You can write me at:

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